2 weeks ago, on a lovely, warm and sunny Saturday morning my friends an I were heading to the Tambourine mountain.

I really love the ‘ambience and uniqueness of the small ‘home-style’ cafes and shops selling hand crafted chocolate and fudges.

But this time we went to the the Wine tasting in particular.

We picked Aussie wineyards this time,as one of our friends has been there before and said it’s a nice place to have lunch/picnic and listen to live music while indulging in wine:)

I don’t consider myself a wine consomme, however I really enjoyed the experience!

And even if you’re not a win drinker it is still worth visiting one of the wineries there, just for the sake of the views!

The landscape is absolutely amazing! Bright green grass, where you can have a picnic, and numerous vineyards!

After our lunch on the way home we had one more ‘must-do’ place – Thunderbird waterfall!

It is a very beautiful place located on the territory of the National Park, the most exiting thing about it as you can actually swim and also ‘ride’ from it, which is soooooo exciting!!!

There we some crazy people there though,who jumped off a hill straight into the water which is absolutely insane(the signage actually prohibited doing it) so I don’t recommend doing that!

Source: http://brisbanediary.blogspot.in/2011/04/mt-tambourine-wine-tasting-thunderbird.html