Fire crews battle rubbish fire at rear of Grand Chancellor Hotel in Adelaide's CBD Courtesy: ABC News

Fire crews battle rubbish fire at rear of Grand Chancellor Hotel in Adelaide’s CBD Courtesy: ABC News

Smoke is billowing across Adelaide’s CBD as firefighters attend a blaze at the rear of the Grand Chancellor Hotel.The Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) said 18 units and 75 firefighters were attending the fire, which is believed to have started in rubbish, at the rear of the hotel on Schrader Street between Hindley and Currie Streets just after noon.

It has since spread into a neighbouring building, which houses a martial arts academy.

Thousands of people have been evacuated from nearby buildings.

The MFS are using a two trucks with aerial equipment to douse the flames from above.

Firefighters are also using a hose from one the hotel’s balconies to tackle the blaze.

The MFS said at 2pm that smoke was drifting in a southerly direction across Currie and Waymouth Streets.

It advised residents and office workers to close all windrows and doors.

A worker at Baker’s Delight on Hindley Street next door to the hotel described the scene.

“All of a sudden there was just a heap of smoke outside my work,” they said.

“The fire brigade and cops have come and they’ve just told us to evacuate because there’s been a fire in a bin apparently behind our building.

“It’s really scary because I was working and I didn’t know if I was meant to evacuate or not.”

Police have closed parts of King William, Morphett, Leigh and Currie Streets, along with both ends of Hindley Street.