detective receive award Courtesy: QPS News

detective receive award Courtesy: QPS News

Detective Senior Constable Chun Yuen Shawn CHIA is our first ever Cantonese/Mandarin speaking Detective from the Queensland Police Service.

In a ceremony on Thursday August 27, Detective Senior Constable Chia was presented with an award from the Confucius Institute of the University of Queensland.

Detective Senior Constable Chia joined QPS as a recruit in 2007. In 2009 he joined the Gold Coast Criminal Investigations Branch (Northern Investigative Group) as a Plain Clothes Constable. He then joined State Crime Command in 2010 and gained experience in varied investigations in Casino Crime Unit, Vehicle Investigations Team, State Flying Squad, Prostitution Enforcement Taskforce, Logan Criminal Investigations Branch, Security Operations Unit and now Taskforce Maxima.

Detective Chia has assisted on numerous serial cases in Queensland including homicides, missing people and cases of organised crime.

Detective Chia consistently goes beyond his duty, often going out of his way to care for victims of crime. He should be well recognised by Confucius Institute of the University of Queensland for his contribution to the Chinese community in Queensland.

After becoming the QPS’ first ever Chinese speaking Detective when he completed the three year training course in February 2013, Detective Chia says he feels an enormous sense of pride.

“To be the first Asian born Mandarin and Cantonese speaking Detective in Queensland means a lot to me,” Detective Chia said.

“The support and encouragement of my colleagues and bosses has been instrumental to achieving my Detective’s appointment.

“I guess to me this milestone means that I have qualified as a Detective following the footsteps of many others before me.

“Going forward, I have bettered myself as an investigator and I am more prepared to tackle more complicated investigations.

“Nothing has changed in my desire to improve, I will continue my learning journey within the QPS and continue to serve the community just as before.